Ohhh heyyyyyy!

For those of you who know me, allow me to fill you in on my life since I moved to Oklahoma. 

For those of you who are new to the wonderful shit show that I am, welcome! Long story short, I moved from Maryland to Oklahoma in June of 2017. I left my job at the Baltimore Ravens, my mom, dad, and family farm, and basically my entire life to live in a barn in the middle of a field and my day job is now in healthcare. Why did I leave charming, everything within driving distance, wonderful Maryland? For a boy, of course. But not just any boy… the man who I never thought existed. 

Here’s a little history of me…

I went to Texas A&M University where I rode on the equestrian team (and won five national championships- three as a rider, two as a student-coach) and earned two degrees. Whoop!

My favorite thing in the world is being around horses. Petting them, feeding them, snuggling them, riding them. All of the above. I made it one month in Oklahoma before I bought an off the track thoroughbred (OTTB) from Texas. Severely underweight and very green (inexperienced for you non-horse folk), it has been quite a journey and continues to be one. 

I am a classic #whitegirl aka I am super into overpriced boutique fitness classes (think SoulCycle and Pure Barre), eating well, putting potions on my face, and taking care of my mind, body, and soul while wearing athleisurewear. Online shopping is a sport I am fiercely competitive and I like to dabble in crystals. So like I said, #whitegirl. However, the closest Pure Barre is 45 minutes away and the closest SoulCycle is hours so I have to get creative.

So if you are still interested in my story, stick around while I attempt to keep all things that are me while adapting to this new life. 

Oh and I’ll share some light on the co-star of the show, my man. 

So get your popcorn, Kombucha, and buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride (especially if all of this goes up in flames #realtalk). 

Want to get in touch? You can contact me here or email me at theellesmithblog@gmail.com. You can see my thoughts and life in photos via Twitter and Instagram