Hiiiiiiii there!

Welcome! You’ve caught me at quite an interesting time in my life… I am moving from Maryland to Oklahoma because I have fallen in love with a cowboy. True story. 

For the past five(ish) years, I worked for the Baltimore Ravens. In my next chapter, I will be working in health care. Quite the shift in gears. 

I went to Texas A&M University where I rode on the equestrian team (and won five national championships- three as a rider, two as a student-coach) and earned two degrees. Whoop!

My favorite thing in the world is being around horses. Petting them, feeding them, snuggling them, riding them. All of the above. 

I am a classic #whitegirl aka I am super into overpriced boutique fitness classes (like SoulCycle… ugh going to miss this so much), eating well, putting potions on my face, and taking care of my mind, body, and soul while wearing athleisurewear. Online shopping is a sport I am fiercely competitive in and not to mention I’d like to dabble in crystals. So like I said, #whitegirl. 

So if you are still interested, here’s a few more fun facts…

I will be attempting to “recreate” all of the things that I love about my east coast life while living in the middle of no where Oklahoma- from food to fitness to shopping and everything in between. 

So get your popcorn, Kombucha, and buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride (especially if all of this goes up in flames #realtalk). 

Want to get in touch? You can contact me here or email me at theellesmithblog@gmail.com. You can see my thoughts and life in photos via Twitter and Instagram