A Hunter’s (Girlfriend) Life for Me

A Hunter’s (Girlfriend) Life for Me

According to Merriam-Webster, hunting is the act of one that hunts; specifically, the pursuit of game.

According to me, hunting is the act of one that hunts which completely overtakes the mind, body, and soul of the human who is consumed with the pursuit of game from mid-September through January. See below…

I’m literally wearing antlers if I want penetration.

I will say that I have done my share of hunting, fishing, killing, and eating said kill and it is really fun. I really enjoy pulling a trigger so not sure what that says about me as a person. The best part is, I have eaten (almost) everything that I have shot which is about as real as it gets (and it’s damn delicious). Oh, and you have an excuse to buy some sweet gear (all of mine is Under Armour). 

Please note that I am wearing yoga pants.

In all honesty and fairness to him and every other man that takes hunting as seriously as mine does AND as much as I shoot death glances, I really do love that he has something that makes him happy and that he loves it so much. Hunting is to him is riding to me. And I enjoy doing it with him as he enjoys riding with me (I think??). Plus, there is something strangely romantic about sitting in a tree with the love of your life ripping ass then yelling at you to be quiet because you giggle. 

But it is a marathon, not a sprint to January 15th and boy, am I learning how to pace myself. 

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