The First Four Months

The First Four Months

I have officially lived in Oklahoma for four months. 

I say y’all, got an Oklahoma drivers license, refer to places to the north, south, east, or west, and pulled stickers (the painful kind found in fields, not the Lisa Frank kind) out of my underwear. 

So let’s break this down…

The first two months were definitely a honeymoon phase. Everything was so new, such a change, every day was a new adventure. I had two weeks to settle in before I started my job. I filled those days with riding horses or fishing in the evenings, furniture shopping, unpacking and organizing my new house, and seeing my man every damn day. 

The first week of July, I started my job in healthcare. To be honest, it really couldn’t be better. I love what I do. So what do I do? My job is to market and promote our hospital’s physicians and service lines. I spend a lot of time on the road and out of the office and I am very fortunate to have a great boss and senior leadership. It’s definitely not the Ravens but I mean really, nothing ever will be as good as 1 Winning Drive. #realitycheck#1

Less than a month of being in Oklahoma, I decided I needed something of my own. Some people get a dog, a cat, maybe a fish… well I got a horse. You can read more on how Petey came into my life here. I knew going into it, owning a horse would severely cut down on my free time and flexibility. It’s like having a child- you have to feed them every morning and night but on a more strict schedule because horses are the most high maintenance animals ever. And I didn’t have my parents to call and feed for me if I wanted to do after school activities or sleepovers #realitycheck#2

While I have always thrived on the fact that I am very comfortable being alone, I have to admit that living alone is quite a different story. Living alone in the middle of no where is like a completely different chapter written in a different language. In Maryland, I spent my work days with my work family and after work, I would go to barre or SoulCycle where I’d chat with familiar faces and friends. Then, I’d go home to my parents’ farm and usually bullshit with my dad or go to bed. I went from constant human interactios to almost zero. Granted, I do live 50 yards from one of my best friends and her husband (because I live in their barn… read more here), but I am very conscious that they have their own life. Many nights I would leave work, drive 50 minutes home and not see another human being. Let me tell you, I have never been more grateful for Petey, Poncho, and kitties more in my life. I really miss my parents and my friends #realitycheck#3

Now the reason why I moved to Oklahoma in the first place… what is like to live 45 minutes from the love of your life instead of 2,100 miles? In a few words, so much better. We are finally dating. When we go away somewhere, we go together. No more dreadful solo flights home. Now I get to troll him on Snap Chat from start to finish and everything in between. We go out to dinner, we go to his high school alma mater football games, we hang out with friends. He has a wonderful, welcoming family and that in itself has made the move much easier (hugs from moms are the best). Granted, there have been times I have wanted to punch him in the throat, but most of the time I am the googly eyed- heart emoji. Every day I am with him, I love him more than I did the day before #realitycheck#4

I have had my share of meltdowns but would you expect anything less? My boyfriend has now met all 5,487 personalities. But c’mon, I literally left everything that was comfortable and accessible, a place where I was known and (mostly) loved, and went somewhere no one knows who I am other than being somebody else’s girlfriend and not sounding like everyone else. That in itself has been a struggle for me BUT I am working on making my own friends by joining some organizations, boarding Petey at a barn close to work so I can ride during the winter, and volunteering at an equine therapeutic riding organization. And my parents, man do I miss them #realitycheck#5 

Am I still glad I did it? Absolutely. Do I take every day one day at a time? Most definitely. i really do love Oklahoma and can’t wait to see what each day has in store. Every day is an adventure… seriously. You really don’t know what you’re capable of until you YOLO and lordy am I YOLOing. 


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